Address Mark Of Valve

Catalogue of NITA product, DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system, DOZOR-1A address system.

Address mark of loop is intended for the control of external load (through the valve) by the control of integrity of controlled chain through relay dry contacts. Address mark of loop controls over the condition of detectors of the condition of valve, connecting to connectors “close” and “open”, also makes possible to manually control the valve.


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Key Features:

  • Address mark of valve may be used for running various kinds of valves (smoke removal, fire-retarding and others), also these valve drivers may be equipped with one engine or electric magnet, two engines, also reversible engine (see picture 25);
  • Remember that the valves in the condition of smoke removal “norm” are closed, but fire-retarding valves are open;
  • Condition control through sensor/current – control of valve condition (open, closed) with external last sensors, or current sensors into the address mark of valve AMV, controlling the current through valve driving mechanism;
  • Optical indicator (Light Emitting Diode) is placed on the body of equipment intended for the provision of visual information about ongoing condition. Conformity to ongoing condition and indication of address mark of valve AMV is provided in the table: </p> <table border=”1″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ class=”table table-bordered”><thead><tr><th> internal indication</th><th>condition</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><tduninterruptedly lights;
  • Everything is properly operating, internal chain is within norm, valve is closed;
  • Lights for 0.75 seconds;
  • Valve is open;
  • One light for 7 seconds;
  • Valve is in intermediate condition;
  • Two lights for 7 seconds;
  • Malfunction of external chain (cutoff, short circuit);
  • Three lights for 7 seconds;
  • Inadmissible combination on the entrances of condition sensors (simultaneous signal about open and closed condition);
  • Four lights for 7 seconds;
  • Voltage in address loop with its fixed sign, decreased lower than critical level;
  • Five lights for 7 seconds;
  • Internal malfunction: shortage of charge in capacitive storage, necessary for switching relay;
  • Attention! Light-emitting diode lights a bit in lighting mode (during uninterrupted and lighting condition) related to data transfer in address loop, representing normal situation;
  • Internal malfunction, shortage of charge. This condition may be immediately after switching on supply, or switching relay and should be moved to norm by no later than 5 seconds;
  • Attention! It is impossible to call with a usual method and through tester on address mark of valve AMV of output contacts of relay. It relates to the existence of electronic scheme of external chain control. Load is to be applied (for example 12 v filament lamp, or light-emitting diode with resistor) and supply voltage of this load is to be supplied to output terminals of relay (for example 12 v) for the purpose of their examination and also control of the activation of equipment. Besides, you should take into account that control scheme of external chain forms decrease of voltage on closed contacts of equipment due to 1,2-1,7 the value of commuted current;
  • Upon configuration of address mark the user may switch in turns (by certain delay in time), limit the duration of activation in running order, also to indicate other temporary parameters for solving specific tasks;
  • According to the software features the address marks of operation may be united in groups both between them and with the other addressing devices, including indication of flexible connections;
  • Pay attention that no more than 186 pieces may be installed in address loop of equipment, only upon switching of address mark without any other addressable equipment, in order not to have exceeded loading capacity of address loop (280ma/1,5ma = 186 pieces).