Address Mark Of Run-up

Catalogue of NITA product, DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system, DOZOR-1A address system.

Address mark of run-up is intended for current impulse output for the purpose of activation of fire extinguishing modules or other equipment. It controls output circuit integrity in accordance with the active requirements of “technical regulation about fire security requirements”. For the transfer of output impulse is applied capacity fixed inside the address mark. Upon connection of AMR marks is not essential to maintain polarity.

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Key Features:

  • Address marks AMR are used for the output of various fire extinguishing modules activated as a result of disintegration of ignition cylinder. In most cases these modules undergo dry powder extinction;
  • Attention! It is to be taken into account that power supplied for the output of module by address mark AMO include certain limits. First of all is to be mentioned current intensity of this starting impulse could not be more than 120-150 ma. The second is holding time of starting impulse amounting 1-2 seconds. So, it is recommended to compare these parameters with required passport data for specific mark of modules;
  • Upon configuration of address mark AMO the customer may organize switching on of load (for example powder modules) in succession (with appropriate time delay), limit duration of operating condition, also to indicate other time parameters for the purpose of solving special tasks;
  • According to the software features the marks AMO may be united in groups both between them and with the other addressing devices, including indication of flexible connections;
  • Pay attention that no more than 140 pieces may be installed in address loop of equipment, only upon switching of address marks AMO without any addressable equipment, in order not to have exceeded loading capacity of address loop (280ma/22ma = 140 pieces).