Address Mark Of Relay

Catalogue of NITA product, DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system, DOZOR-1A address system.

Address mark of relay, low-loss is intended for running external load through relay contacts by controlling integrity of controlled chain. The integrity of controlled chain is examined, if the load connects to normally closed contacts. Bridge cable is inserted into the equipment, enabling switching off the control over chain integrity and bridge cable that switches off the current.

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Key Features:

  • Address mark of relay uninterruptedly transfers information to fire alarm system control unit-1 about its condition, also accepts orders from fire alarm system control unit-1 about switching on and switching off the load. At the time of power on instruction the address mark of relay may not only switch on the load, but even to be run in flashing mode with a frequency amounting 1 Hz. In running order the flashing mode is quite often used at the time of connection on the mark of various light and sound detectors;
  • Handled power of address mark of relay is no so big like address mark of relay-1, though it has significantly less current consumption from address loop. It makes possible to have simultaneously used considerably great number of addressable device with fire alarm system control unit-1;
  • Other difference between address mark of relay and address mark of relay-1 is maintenance of the condition of exits of switching even at the time of losing supply and connection with address loop. In other words, does not matter condition of switching contacts of address mark of relay, in any case they will remain in this condition, until their switching from fire alarm system control unit-1 based on the order, despite of the fact of mark, even until its complete switching off from address loop. It will considerably increase the total trustworthiness of security system;
  • Address mark of relay in practice is used for running various detectors, valves (fire-retardant, smoke removal and others), manufacturing equipment, also for the operation of extinguishing modules (gas, powdery, aerosol). Upon configuration of address mark of relay the customer may in succession organize (for example powder modules) switching of loading (under certain time delay), limit the duration of switched condition, also to indicate other temporary parameters for solving specific tasks;
  • Based on software the address marks of loop may be united in groups, both between them and with the other addressable equipment under the order of flexible connections between them;
  • Pay attention that only upon inclusion of address marks of operation into addressable loop, without any other addressable devices may be installed no more than 186 pieces in order not to have exceeded load bearing capacity (280 ma/1,5 ma = 186 pieces) of addressable  loop.