Address Mark Of Loop

Catalogue of NITA product, DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system, DOZOR-1A address system.

Address mark of loop is microprocessor unit intended for the formation of alarm threshold loop for heat and any contact sensor with normally closed contacts. Address mark connects to addressable loop formed from fire alarm system control unit DOZOR-1a through that is exchanged information and is called supply.

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Key Features:

  • By using address mark of loop it is possible to form alarm threshold loop for usual cheap detectors, for example:  for heat, manual, magnetic contact sensor detectors, also for any sensors with normally closed dry contacts. In this case alarm loop has its unique address in the system and is controlled with a mark. In the event of operation or malfunction, it makes possible to have exactly determined location of loop. Address mark of loop differs operation of one or two sensors into the loop, also controls disconnection and closure;
  • Address mark of loop is often fixed in front of the building including threshold loop. It is also possible to apply other versions for the use of address loop. Such decision makes possible to save money in the event of installation on the expense of minimization of wiring and possibility of use of cheap sensors;
  • Address mark of loop may also be run with protector sensor, its hardware may even fix quick response and store them until transfer of information on fire alarm system control unit-1a;
  • Based on software the address marks of loop may be united in groups, both between them and with the other addressable equipment under the order of flexible connections between them;
  • Please, pay attention that no more than 70 pieces may be fixed without any other addressable equipment, only upon inclusion of address marks of loop into the address loop of equipment, in order not to have exceeded load bearing capacity of address loop (280ma/4ma= 70 pieces);
  • Attention! Upon designing alarm threshold loops formed under address marks of loop, there is to be considered that signal wires of signal loop may not be connected to grounded or other conducting structures.