Address Mark AMD

Catalogue of NITA product, DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system, DOZOR-1A address system.

Address mark AMD is intended for the formation of one thermal or any contact sensors with normally closed contacts. Address mark connects to addressable loop formed from alarm system control unit-1A through that is provided change of information and is called supply. Upon connection of address marks AMD is not essential to maintain polarity.

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Key Features:

  • Address mark detector is small size mark (total 26x22x4mm) and is hidden inside the cases of many detector bodies. Thanks to it is quite easy to install it and is invisible after the completion of installation providing aesthetics and usability;
  • Usage of address mark detector AMD makes possible to efficiently switch usual cheap threshold detector, for example: smoke or magnetic contact sensor (also sensor with any normally open dry contact) to addressable. Of course it is not worth to compare with perfect addressable-analogue mark, though indisputable advantages of this method are widely used in practice;
  • Detector has its unique address into the system. It makes possible to exactly determine its location immediately after its activation;
  • Also on the expense of minimization of wiring and use of cheap sensors the saving upon installation may appear quite significant issue. Address mark AMD may also be run with protective detectors as it has device feature to define even short-term operations and save them until the information is transferred to fire alarm system control unit-1;
  • Efficient protection against possible clash of dry contacts is realized into the mark;
  • Based on software the address marks of loop may be united in groups, both between them and with the other addressable equipment under the order of flexible connections between them;
  • Please, pay attention that no more than 140 pieces may be fixed without any other addressable equipment, only upon inclusion of address marks of loop into the address loop of equipment, in order not to have exceeded load bearing capacity of address loop (280ma/2ma= 140 pieces).