Address Mark Of Operation

Catalogue of NITA product, DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system, DOZOR-1A address system.

Address mark of operation is intended for the formation of 12v (24v) voltage for the purpose of supply of light and sound detectors, including their operation; to work with four-wire sensors requiring current supply (protection, flame and other). Power supply is provided both from address loop and external power supply 12 v-24v.

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Key Features:

  • Address mark of operation has two outputs (connectors “±connector1” and “±connector2”) and one output (connector “entrance”). Connectors are simultaneously switched on and off under the order from fire alarm system control unit-1A. (Conditions and parameters are fixed at the time of configuration). It outputs are off, they are run in reversed phase and make square-wave signal with a frequency amounting 1 Hz, 50% duty cycle, 12 v voltage and current up to 20ma powered from the loop and up to 200ma supply from external power. It makes possible for example, to connect light or sound detectors (or light-sound). On both exits are controlled integrity of controlled chain, in accordance with the requirements of “technical regulations for fire safety requirements”;
  • Connector “entrance” is intended for the connection of normally closed dry contacts of current consumer sensors, for example protection contacts;
  • If it is considered that address mark of operation should be operated with light and sound detectors, the only one (any) detector out of these detectors will be connected to connector ”±Ex1”, but the second to connector “±Ex2”. In this case should me made “entrance” should be provided short circuit of connector, imitating condition of standard on it. So, when switch on signal of address mark of operation is provided, light detector will be flashing, but sound detector will have appropriate intermittent sound;
  • Principal advantage of such approach is that simultaneously two detectors may be connected to address mark of operation. If it is required to have uninterrupted voltage upon loading, connectors “±connector1” and “±connector2” are simultaneously connected to each other (plus to plus, minus to minus). In this case reversed phase signals overlapped from both exit and we have continuous signal. Herein is to me noted that in this case the load bearing capacity of address mark of operation will not be changed, namely upon supply from 20ma loop and 200ma external power supply;
  • If it is considered that address mark of operation should be run with four-wire detectors (for example protection), in this event detector is powered from connectors “±connector1” and “±connector2” united side by side, but normally closed contacts of detector connect to connector “entrance”. Address mark of operation in practice is used with absolute majority of current sound and light detectors, also for the operation with four-wire detectors of protection;
  • Attention! Remember that commutation voltage in address mark of operation is 12v, but the current is limited upon supply on 20ma level from the loop and upon supply from external supply. So, it is recommended to compare these parameters with appropriate passport features for specific marks of detectors or messengers;
  • Upon configuration of address mark of operation the customer may organize switching on of load (for example powder modules) in succession (with appropriate time delay), limit duration of operating condition, also to indicate other time parameters for the purpose of solving special tasks;
  • According to the software features the address marks of operation may be united in groups both between them and with the other addressing devices, including indication of flexible connections;
  • Pay attention that no more than 12 pieces may be installed in address loop of equipment, only upon switching of address mark of operation powered from the loop in order not to have exceeded loading capacity of address loop (280ma/22ma = 12 pieces);
  • No more than 140 pieces may be switched upon external power supply (280ma/2ma= 140 pieces).