Insulator Of Addressable Loop IZO

Catalogue of NITA product, DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system, DOZOR-1A address system.

Insulator of addressable loop IZO is microprocessor unit intended for the insulation of certain section of loop in case of having its short circuit.  Insulator will be switched on in addressable loop that will be formed from fire alarm system control unit-1A. IZO is independent device, only powered from the loop.

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Key Features:

  • Amount of IZO into the system, also their place of installation is determined individually;
  • This example includes six sections of addressable loop and any amount of addressable devices may be fixed on each one. For the purpose of illustration the loop topology is easily provided (ring + protuberance). If there is short circuit on any sections, insulators IZO existed into the loop will switch off faulty section from its rest part. So, if the fault (namely short circuit) is formed on the sections #1, #2, #3, #4 or #6, respective section will be switched off from the rest parts and all the other sections will continue normal operation. Herein fire alarm system control unit-1A initiates signal about devices’ contact loss being on blocked (faulty) section of addressable loop, making possible to quickly discover arisen defect and have taken its corrective measures. We will have a bit different condition in the event of fault on # 5 section, because in this case will be switched off both # 5 and # 6 sections. That is why usual ring type loop topology is more secured both from possible short circuit and breaking. So, availability of some IZO in addressable loop makes possible to have more exactly determined the damaged section and provide operational capability of the rest part of addressable devices;
  • Attention! Number of IZO in addressable loop should not be more than 20 pieces, despite of little current consumption. This is stipulated due to loss of voltage in them.