РУПД – 09

Manual button emergency start-up

Inscription – «Аварійний пуск гасіння», normally switched contacts, red, without fixation of catching condition (after taking out hand, automatic return to the next condition), 2 light-emitting diode indicators (for the mode and water discharge), max. current of commutation – 30 ma, color of button – white.

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  • Range of supply voltage: 9 ÷ 30 v
  • Armed state current consumption upon maximal supply voltage 30 v:
  • With a circuit – “fire alarm box”: no more than 50 mca
  • With a circuit “-24v”: no more than 500 mca
  • Current consumption in the mode “turned on” is installed through external resistor in the meaning range: 2 ÷20 ma.
  • Internal resistance in the mode: turned on” with a circuit, “fire alarm box”: at the time of current” 20 ma”: no less than 500 om.
  • Effort, required for switching device (in order to push the button): 22,5 ±2,5 H.
  • Overall dimensions: no more than 102 x 102 x 38 mm.
  • Weight: no more than 0.12 kg.
  • Average term of work: no less than 10 years.