Fire alarm system control unit

  • Designed for centralized and stand-alone protection of various applications against fires by monitoring statuses of 2 to 8 alarm loops (AL).
  • The panels comply with EN-54-2:2003/Amendment 1 and EN 54-4:2003/Amendment 2, DSTU-N CEN/TS 54-14:2009.
  • Metal enclosure
  • Each loop can be adjusted as: fire alarm loop with verification, without verification or two detectors’ activation and also А, B, C type dependencies can be set (according to EN-54-2:2003/Amendment1).
  • The panel defines and displays the following statuses of fire alarm loop: “Standby”, “Attention” (activation of the first detector in AL), “Fire”, “Fault – S/C”, “Fault – O/C”, “AL disabled”, “Fault of an intellectual detector in AL”.
  • Passive and active detectors can be linked to an AL, combined alarm loops can be designed using 2- and 4- wire wiring diagrams.
  • The panel detects the following types of faults and statuses: short-circuit of outputs, load break of each output, absence of voltages powering outputs and AL, absence of mains power supply, absence, critical discharge level or fault of battery etc.
  • Outputs: «Fire», «Fault», «Sound» («Snd1» и «Snd2»), 2 programmable high current outputs «AUX1» and «AUX2» and 2 programmable relays «Relay1» and «Relay2».
  • Up to 4 independent sounders with line integrity control can be connected (in compliance with DSTU-N CEN/TS 54-14:2009).
  • Output for external backup power supply with fault monitoring.
  • You don’t need a current limiting resistor when connecting SPD-3, SPD-3.10, FT series detectors to 2- wire line.
  • Hush button disabling sounders.
  • Auto-saving of AL standby current.
  • EOL resistors: from 1 kOhm to 3,9 kOhm.
  • Auxiliary current limiting resistors of active detectors: from 0 to 1,2 kOhm.
  • Stabilized loop power supply – 15 (±0,5) V.
  • Thresholds of detectors trigger determination can be set from 1 to 16 mA.
  • S/C current – min 60 mА.
  • Max current of outputs «Snd1», «Snd2» – 500 mА, «AUX1», «AUX2» – 300 mА.
  • Possibility of programming the panels from computer.
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