Fire smoke detector linear

  • A reliable fire detection with intellectual microprocessor data processing.
  • Simplified calibration of the detector at the installation location. Calibration is performed by pressing the “Test / Calibration” in the receiver unit.
  • Integrated drift compensation mechanism (including contamination compensation of optical system components). This mechanism automatically adjusts the drawdown threshold of the detector to the factory level during operation.
  • The formation of the output signal “Fault” by the current decreasing the AL when it detects a complete overlap of the optical channel, in the absence of the connection between the receiver unit and the transmitter unit and when exceeding the limit level of the drift compensation. The signal “Fault” is duplicated by yellow LED flashes on the receiver unit with Fault kinds differentiation.
  • The presence of red and yellow LEDs on the receiver unit with the display indication of “Fire”, “Fault” modes, including the relative signal indication in the “Test” mode.
  • The detector is designed for use in two-wire constant current or alternating loops with a rated voltage of 12 V or 24 V.
  • Detector connection using four-wire loop to PPKP is performed by the module MUSH-DLM.
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  • Protection range: 10 – 100 m
  • Sensitivity (the optical medium density): 1,5 ± 0,5 dB
  • Supply voltage range: от 10 до 30 V
  • Current consumption in standby mode: 4 мА
  • Current consumption in fire mode: 12±3 мА
  • Current consumption in fault mode: ≤ 2 мА
  • Permissible angles of mechanical adjustment: – in horizontal plane:≤±27 º– in vertical plane: ≤±20 º