Fire smoke detector linear Arton

  • Application: large premises including ones with original configuration of ceilings (churches,theatres, museums)
  • Intellectual microprocessor data processing provides better and earlier detection of different types of fires, including “black smoke” and eliminates false alarms
  • 2 units: receiver and transmitter in the same housings placed on the opposite sides of the protected area
  • Indication: two red LEDs on both units indicating standby, alarm and  calibration modes and fault condition
  • Attaching: angle and arc brackets (also used to mechanically adjust the detector)
  • Metal cases: provide additional immunity to false nuisances
  • RANGE and CALIBRATION switches on the rear side of the receiver
  • 2 attenuators used to adjust and check sensitivity
  • Wiring: 4-wire
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  • Protection range:10-30 m, 10-100 m
  • Supply voltage range:10,2-13,8 V DC
  • Standby current consumption:20 mA max
  • Small dimensions:65x65x110 mm