Automatic smoke detector

  • Compliant with EN14604 and vfdb 14/01:2010, including:
  • – 10 year operation with non-replaceable battery
    – higher resistance to aggressive environments during operation
    – higher resistance to electromagnetic radiation within the range 890-960 MHz
  • Intellectual sensitivity adjustment with integral microcontroller
  • Minimum nuisance (false) alarms (including contamination of smoke chamber) with Long Term Drift feature (sensitivity compensation). This mechanism automatically adjusts the smoke alarm’s sensitivity to factory level during operation.
  • Sound indication of exceeding threshold compensation level (signal to cleaning the smoke chamber from dust)
  • Fluent sound intensification in Alarm and Test modes
  • Hush function – silencing the Alarm signal for 10 min. by pressing the Test button
  • Ideal circular diagram of smoke chamber (sensitivity does not depend on air stream direction)
  • Test button for easy testing
  • Ceiling-mounting with screw fixings or double-sided adhesive pad
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  • Standby current:< 8uA
  • Alarm current:< 60mA
  • Battery:non-replacable, CR14505, 3.0V
  • Low battery warning:2 – 2.3V
  • Sound alarm level:≥ 87dB
  • Horn frequency:1–3.4kHz
  • Sensitivity range:0.08–0.12dB/m (under conditions:cotton smoke, air speed 0,2 m/sec)
  • Hush time:10±1 min
  • Hush mode indication:single LED flashes every 10 sec.
  • Standby mode indication:single LED flashes every 320 sec.
  • Fault/contamination indication:triple sound signal every 40 sec.
  • Battery fault indication:single sound signal every 40 sec.