Fire smoke detector linear Arton

Certified on conformity with ДСТУ EN 54-12:2014 requirements.


* Single-component: composed of receiver-transmitter unit and reflector;

* Succession of technical decisions, used in Arton-ДЛ and Arton-ДЛ1 detectors;

* Indicators of increased brightness of modes “stand-by”, “fire”, “malfunction”, “calibration”, “Test”;

* Adjustment through “Промiнь-1” laser indicator;

* Output signal in mode “calibration” for exact adjustment and without laser indicator;

* Automatic installation of sensitivity on entire range of distances;

* Compensation of sensitivity drift upon breaking receive and transfer lens;

* Upon cutoff of sensitivity drift’s compensation, sensitivity range may be changed;

* Connection to fire alarm system control unit with two-wired loop;

* Does not require last resistor in two-wire loop;

* Compatibility with local fire alarm system control unit produced by various manufacturers.

* Possibility of connection to fire alarm system control unit with the module МУШ-ДЛМ (four-wire connection).


Basic factors determining advantages of the use of single-component detectors:

* Decrease of the volume of installation operations and materials – one site for the connection o loop.

* Simplification of mechanical adjustment- adjustment of only receiver and transfer unit;

* Provision of high accuracy of assembly through laser indicator or through the control of output signal with external voltmeter;

* High protection against hindrances at the expense of internal synchronization of the operation of receiver and transfer unit;


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  • Range of supply voltage of direct current: 10 – 30 v
  • Armed state current consumption: 5 ma.
  • Current consumption in “fire” mode: 12±3 ma.
  • Current consumption in “fire” mode: 12±3 ma.
  • Current consumption in “malfunction” mode: < 0.7 ma.
  • Effective distance: 8 – 60 m.
  • Sensitivity (optical density of environment): 1.5 ± 0.5 dB