Fire smoke detector

*Two-wired connection to fire alarm system control unit.

* Indication of stand-by mode of operation and “fire” mode.

* High resistance to false alarm.

* Wide range of supply voltage.

* Compatibility to various fire alarm system control units.

* Possibility of installation both on the ceiling and wall.

* Decorative rings intended for the installation on hung ceiling.

* Possibility of connection of beacons.

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  • Range of supply voltage:10-30 v
  • Armed state current consumption: 0.095 ma.
  • Possibility of connection to fire alarm system control unit: four-wired fire alarm box.
  • Overall dimensions: no more than 100×48 cm.
  • Weight: no more than 0.15 kg.
  • Indication of stand-by mode: yes.
  • Current-carrying rating within the mode “fire”: 30 ma.
  • Time of power shut down for the return to stand-by mode of operation: 3 seconds
  • Possibility of formation of output signal: contactless.