Dual-point fire smoke detector

The detector provides simultaneous control of the specific optical air density level in the space above suspended ceilings and inside the room.

  • Unique feature: you use the single unit instead of two
  • Quick and easy to install: cutting installation and removement time and making maintenance easy
  • Yellow and red LEDs indicate 7 different conditions of both sensors
  • Easy monitoring of upper sensor that is unique relatively to the traditional way of protection of premises with suspended ceilings
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Self diagnostic feature
  • Mechanical testing
  • Base, mounting ring and protection cover are supplied with the detector
  • Different heights of connecting pipe (20,40,60 cm)
  • 2-wire connection of both sensors to one fire alarm line
  • One red and one yellow LED indicators
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  • Dimensions (sensor1): Ø100×48 mm
  • Dimensions (sensor2): Ø52×37 mm
  • Weight:300 g
  • Supply voltage range:10-30V