Interface Converter USB-RS-485 Interface Converter1

Catalogue of NITA product, components of DOZOR automatic firefighting equipment system and telecommunications

Interface converter USB RS-485 serves to the connection of central units of fire alarm system control unit-1 (here are referred both fire alarm system control unit-1M and fire alarm system control unit-1A) from PC, upon working with various application software for the purpose of data transfer (read and record).

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Key Features

Following functions are available to users:
  • Configuration record determining interrelation among various devices for the purpose of specific task solving into the system;
  • Reading of configuration already existed into the device for the purpose of study of its changes, conversion in printing and electronic form;
  • Event history reading  for the purpose of its further examination (analyzing), also the purpose of its conversion in printing and electronic form;
  • Renewal of inner piercing of central units into the system, if necessary (for example for working with new models of device, or expansion of intellectual capacity of already existed devices);
  • Connection of interface converter to fire alarm system control unit-1 is carried out through connector “LIN.2” corresponding to fire alarm system control unit-1. So, connection of PC with all one level driven device may be organized from united system in the system as shown on the picture;
  • Access to each fire alarm system control unit-1 will be carried out under unique serial number. This is a quiet simple method and that is why is often applied in practice saving powers and time of customer;
  • Interface converter has no galvanic isolation and it is used for the connection on PC (for example on notebook) with comparatively little distance from fire alarm system control unit-1. Distance is some meters and is limited with standard length of USB cable;
  • Converter is powered from computer through USB cable. In order to operate it is necessary to install drivers upon connection of converter. Drivers are on attached disk or they may be easily downloaded from the website <ahref=””></a> or <a href=”” target=”_blank”>;
  • After the installation of drivers new COM port is appeared in the system that should be indicated in application software.