Fire alarm system control unit

The panel complies with EN 54-2, EN54-4, EN54-13, EN54-21.

  • 16 I/O channels (two blocks on 8 channels);
  • modes of I/O channels: fire loop, logical loop, protective loop, key;
  • modes of loop:
    • fire with reverification with terminal capacitor;
    • fire with reverification with terminal resistor;
    • fire without reverification with terminal capacitor;
    • fire without reverification with terminal resistor;
    • logical (discreet input); protective; output (key).
  • passive and active detectors can be connected to one loop. Combined loops applying 2- and 4- wire wiring diagrams.
  • low current consumption at the expense of usage of fire alarm loops with terminal capacitor, dynamic power of logical loop (discrete inputs);
  • outputs: “Output”, “Fire”;
  • three programmable outputs with circuit integrity control; three outputs of “open collector” type without circuit integrity control; output relay on two blocks of transfer contacts (factory default
  • Fault output); user-friendly controls and indications: simple menu (easy-to-use like a simple mobile phone);
  • digital display with large highlighted characters;
  • standard phone key pad;
  • continuous numbering (addressing) of each object (loop, output), communication blocks and interface collector;
  • galvanic decoupling of blocks, providing higher reliability and repairability of the panel;
  • possible arrangement of hierarchic group of up to 20 panels with integrated control and control in compliance with the national construction requirements DBN 2.5.56-2010;
  • BSKM-1 interface GSM module can be connected for communication with central monitoring stations.
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  • AC supply voltage:220 (+22-33) V (50±1)
  • Internal power supply:12 V or 24 V;
  • Back-up power:12 V sealed non-spillable lead-acid rechargeable battery (one battery for 12V panels, two batteries – for 24V panels)
  • Max battery capacity:12 Ah
  • Max AC power35 W
  • Zone voltage:20 V to 30 V; 24 V power voltage: from 20 V to 30 V; 12 V power voltage: from 9,5 V to 15 V;
  • Zone current:30 mA
  • Total zone signaling line (wire) resistance without EOL resistor:470 Ohm;
  • Leakage resistance between zone lines and between each zone line and panel’s enclosure:50 kOhm;
  • Output commutation current of each I/O channel:50 mA;
  • Output commutation current with full load control:200 mA
  • Invariable panel’s settings:sound signal is restored when a new event appears;
  • Dimensions410 х 350 х 140 mm
  • Weight (without battery):10 kg