jetex ltd!

Our company was founded in 2019. Despite the fact that we are fairly young, we answer all the challenges of the modern construction market.

Our company started off with one main field of activity – fire safety systems, but now we offer a full construction engineering service.

jetex ltd!

Jetex offers customers engineering and construction project design full-service packages – consulting, planning, and installation, including every piece of equipment and every needed device.

jetex ltd!

We are a universal company that offers you a full engineering service. Your each and every need will be met by our team.

Our engineering team is responsible for each system, everything is delivered in perfect condition at the end of each project.

Contact us to order our services.
If you wish to order our services, please use the contact form on the website, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Our Team will get a sense of your project
After getting full information about every detail, out team will offer you a service package that suits your needs the best.
After you choose your package, out team starts designing your project and planning.
Our team starts working on your construction site , starts installation of each system along with every device and their details.
Project Closeout
After our team finishes the installation work, the final step of the project comes in. We get every needed document in order and finish the project.

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